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I’d Like To Thank The Academy

By Carlos Eton

Who knew that the thousands of hours spent watching Zucker Brothers and Marx Brothers movies and reruns of “The Twilight Zone,” “The Monkees,” and “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” would have paid off?

Never in a trillion years did I ever imagine that the random ridiculity that is my brain train would result in creative recognition.

Who would have ever thought that my random mind would be worthy of a podcast?

Even crazier … who would actually give someone an award for a random display of random thoughts?

The following video titled “Random Random” was the winner of the Video Podcast category in this year’s Caribbean Cinematic And Arts Festival.

All kidding aside … I am honored to have received the award.

For your random viewing pleasure, I am happy to present … Random Random.


I hope you enjoy the randomness.



The Random Safari Express, a serial feature column by senior UVI Communication student and humorist Carlos Eton, celebrates comedy, philosophy, and the thousand (often ridiculous) random thoughts that pop into our heads during the quiet moments of our day.



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