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2019 MIAMI Carnival

written by Yari Munoz

STT-People gathered around all over Miami to host the biggest event of the year. From bands playing music to showing off beautiful costumes, and wild parties on land and sea. This wild event is  Miami Carnival. The carnival took place on the weekend of the 10th. The carnival event held large parties, parties starting from the private yachts to even parties on land. Friendly competitions were held including queen and king shows and road marches.

Miami Carnival participant

STX-October 2019- Miami Carnival held a grand parade that anyone, of any age, race or income level could have attended. The parade and carnival activities took place at Miami’s Fair & Expo Center. The parade event premiered a day of festivities and Caribbean vendors shared the taste of the Caribbean with food, drinks, art, music, and dance. People dressed in beautiful costumes filled the streets with feathers and bright colors. They danced on the streets to the rhyme of the bands that played.

(Below: The Soca musicians behind “Famalay,” Machel Montano/Bunji Garlin/Skinny Fabulous won Road March 2019)

Miami Carnival offered art & craft sections to bring joy and fun vibes to the children. Competitions were held for titles of King and Queen of carnival and Best Band of the Year.

The carnival events started on October 10th, with a party at Terrace in Miami. Multi-colored flags were flung to help with the party vibe and people were unable to resist the rhyme of the music. Music brought everyone to their feet, and they danced the night away. Food and drinks enhanced the atmosphere and people were highly energized as they came together in a day of celebration, laughter, and fun.

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