UVI VOICE 2.0 is a student-generated, online newspaper produced by the Communication division in the Department of Communication, Art, Theatre, and Music, at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at the University of the Virgin Islands. The 2019 issue is a compilation of efforts by the Newswriting1 class, Fall 2019 on STT and STX.
Special thanks to Dr. Sharon Alert Honore, instructor/Associate Professor, and Mr. Gerard Howard, IT Director, Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. Please forward comments/suggestions to 3082019@gmail.com. As always your support is appreciated.
UVI Voice 2.0 Editorial Staff and Contributing Writers


Dr. Sharon Albert Honore – publisher

Most Recent Hometown: Denver, Colorado

Titles: Faculty Advisor, UVI Voice 2.0 Editor/Associate Professor, UVI Communication Unit

Dr. Honore has taught mass/social media to students in higher education for many years (Houston, Prairie View, Baton Rouge, Augusta, Austin, Iowa City, Montgomery). She claims that her relocation to the USVI has presented “opportunities to work with some of the most interesting and brilliant students I have ever had the privilege to interact.” Honore asserts that UVI Voice 2.0 “offers a communication vehicle to showcase the immense talent and skills of students in the communication department.”



Kyra Edwards

Hometown: Dominica

Major: Accounting

Classification: Sophomore

Kyra Edwards is a proud Dominican and co-founder of WePlanet Inc, a non-profit organization based in Dominica that develops innovative, incentive-based solutions that tackle environmental issues and raise environmental consciousness. While pursuing her associate’s degree, Edwards worked as an intern at the Create Caribbean Research Institute where her interest in communication was fostered. She served as Vice President of UVIABJ in 2022-2023 and currently holds the position of UVIABJ President (2023-2024).


Shugga Deborah Rosenbloom

Residence: Cannes, France

Major: Interdisciplinary Studies

Classification: Senior

As a student who is an official, unofficial recruiter for UVI, Shugga intentionally promotes UVI wherever she goes. Shugga D’s love for writing and producing content for social media has increased while attending college. Affectionally known throughout the community as “one of the best Mistress of Ceremonies in the territory,” she has graced many stages with her quick comedic commentary, singing, and academic presentations.

Shugga D is one of the pioneers who helped build the WUVI-FM radio station, producing programs and leading a team of on-air personalities. Some students were paid during school breaks, thanks to Shugga’s persistence. She has always been an advocate for students at UVI. That is only one of her many attributes as an influential communicator.

Shugga D. Rosenbloom is a native of Mid-west Illinois, but she calls St. Thomas, USVI home because of its impact on her life and genuine connection for growth, family, and friends.


Gimel Pinto

Major: Communication

Classification: Sophomore

Gimel Pinto is an aspiring journalist in her second year of study  at the University of the Virgin Islands. She is a member of the UVI Voice 2.0 and the HBCU-African Correspondents Corps. She believes that by pursuing a career as a writer, she will lead an exciting life, spread knowledge, and impact how community members see the most significant people, places, objects, and events.



Nico Thomas
Major: Communications
Classification: Junior
Hometown: Fresno, California

First-year transfer junior. Nico Thomas wants to pursue a career as a sports analyst and sports journalist. Nico Thomas, proudly hailing from Fresno, California, embarks on a thrilling journey at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). In his Junior year, Nico is not only aiming to excel on the basketball court but is also nurturing dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. Simultaneously, he harbors ambitions of a career as a sports analyst and sports journalist, with a profound desire to disseminate the knowledge and significance of the sports world’s happenings. Nico Thomas is poised to make a lasting impact, both as an athlete and a dedicated voice in the realm of sports journalism, sharing the stories that make the sports universe come alive.

“I want to pursue a career as a sports analyst and sports journalist. I want to spread the knowledge and importance of what is happening in the sports world.”- Nico Thomas

Felisha Felix

Hometown: St. Croix

Classification: Sophomore



George Francis-Undergraduate Advisor

Hometown: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

UVI Graduate 2022

George Francis is a communication graduate of UVI and a current employee in the university in the Office of Enrollment Management. Born on St. Thomas, George has always had an interest in mass media. His desire to pursue a career in Communications blossomed when he joined his elementary school’s news team. Since then, George has engaged in many leadership roles where he has served as the public relations officer for a number of clubs and organizations and has played a major role in developing a communication strategy for each club/organization. Currently, he serves as secretary for the University of the Virgin Islands Association of Black Journalists (UVIABJ). In his spare time, George enjoys reading, traveling, watching movies, spending time with family, and meeting new people.


Lana Cuffy – Undergraduate Advisor

Hometown: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

UVI Graduate 2019

Lana Cuffy was born on the island of St. Thomas in the United States Virgin Islands.  She has a busy schedule with work, family, and clubs/organizations.  This loyal, trustworthy young lady is very energetic and has a vibrant spirit no matter what time of day it is.  She is a graduate of the University of the Virgin Islands, with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Degree with a concentration in Information Systems and Technology and a minor in Communication.  As a graduate advisor to UVIABJ, she currently works at the USVI Department of Labor and employs her communication skills and abilities.


Michael C.V. Bell

Hometown: St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

UVI Graduate 2023

Michael C. V. Bell is past president of UVIABJ and a contributing writer to UV VOICE.  He was a student representative at the first in-person White House HBCU Journalists Press Briefing, hosted by Keisha Lance Bottoms and Vice President Kamala Harris. He also served as student ambassador for UVI/UVIABJ at the NABJ 2023 Region 3 (Jackson, Mississippi), NABJ 2023 National Conference (Birmingham, Alabama) and NABJ 2022 National Conference (Las Vegas, Nevada).  Michael’s favorite quote comes from Jim Kelly: “Make a difference today for someone who is fighting for their tomorrow.”