To the Big Leagues

by Karon Reynolds

To the Big Leagues

Anisha George is Virgin Islands made and excelling on the basketball court. Born and raised on “the big island” of St. Croix she made big impacts at all the schools where she played. She made her mark in the basketball programs at  St. Croix Central High School, Moberly Area Community College (Moberly,MI), and the University of North Texas (Denton, TX where she ended her college basketball career.

 Anisha capped off her college career with a great senior season while averaging 14.3 points, 8.9 rebounds, and shot at an efficient 64% from the field; all the time winning the Second Team All Conference USA honor. Also, she played for the Virgin Islands National Team. 

At 22 years old, her experience and talent led her to be a pro today. When she first realized she was going to play professional basketball, Anisha mentioned that she was “excited, nervous, and proud.”  However she is definitely ready to take on the challenge. Anisha is now a professional basketball player after signing a professional contract with Helios which is a top league women’s team in Switzerland.

There are key differences with college basketball and professional basketball. She replied,” in professional basketball you have to make your own time.” She explained, “In high school and college basketball, it is set up more as a routine. You would weight lift at a specific time and condition at a specific time.” She gave a few examples to expand her point.

“In the pros it is a different ball game. Players should be conditioning on their own and lifting weights on their own as well. Everything that is supposed to be done is done at your own time, aside from official practices and watching game film(s) if necessary.” 

When basketball players become professional they have to be more disciplined as before. Anisha understands this and implemented it in her life so far.

Anisha is adapting to life in Vetroz, Switzerland. However due to Covid-19, she has not experienced the country as she would like to. Recently, in an exclusive interview with UVI Voice 2.0, she exchanged communication  through text messages and stated that she does enjoy what she has seen so far. 

Anisha explained, “the people are very nice. It is not too cold and it is very beautiful and scenic.” 

There was not a sight of intimidation in her heart when she left for Switzerland, yet the fact of learning a different language system proved to be a challenge. She is getting accustomed to her new life nevertheless.

“I just have to learn to enjoy my own time and focus on my career,” Anisha said. She has already played her first game and is getting into the groove. We all know she will do well. 

UVIVoice 2.0  got a chance to speak with Anisha’s father. “I am exceptionally proud [of her basketball accomplishments] and I’m very proud of her,”said  Kareem George who lives in STX and works as a professional plumber. 

 As Virgin Islanders,  we are proud too and rooting for her success.  

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