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Stay the F*** Home

A mural of Cardi B updated by the artist Colton Valentine to include a face mask in San Antonio.

Cardi B’s instagram post, ‘S**t is getting real’ went viral. (AP photo)



Rhetorical Artifacts –Hashtag Related –Stay the f*** home”

The significance of rhetoric in our social climate may be identified through contemporary communication symbols.

Furthermore, rhetorical devices are used on a daily basis; in form of comedy and drama change in the world. Currently,

with the virus outbreak of COVID-19, many individuals are using rhetoric to either make light of the situation, or to draw

dramatic attention towards the problem. One great example of these two forms of rhetoric are the political comedians

Trevor Noah, Seth Meyers, and Stephen Colbert. These three political comedians use rhetoric to make light of serious

situations –all while still evoking a response from viewers and listeners. By using the rhetorical devices such as the

epideictic rhetoric along with questions, allusions, and hyperbole communication artists make their stances and points

clear on what should happen –and influence the masses, in return.

Another example of a rhetorical communication device that is used consistently on a daily basis is connected towards

the deliberative rhetoric. This rhetoric is aimed towards trying to get the audience to take action by talking about a societal 

problem. A great example of this is the recent Cardi B remix that is circulating around the internet, warning the public about the

corona virus. Due to it being a catchy hit, it has reached millions and has motivated people to take action against COVID

-19 by caring for themselves in a healthier manner.

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