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  1. Jahniqwa Hodge says:

    La’Monee, I’m amazed at how well you delivered this speech. I can identify which parts you were very enthusiastic about. Everything in your speech flowed effortlessly, and every word you said was easy to grasp. You delivered this speech so well that you could have deceived me into thinking you were the true author. Excellent work. Your reading was really clear, and your voice was very lively.

  2. Linda Alcine says:

    It was an excellent presentation La’monee, the tone of your voice coincides with the meaning of the text, moreover, The tone of voice is closely linked to the values and objectives established by the messenger. I take great pleasure in listening to you, and if I didn’t know the speech already, you did everything to convey the sad truth behind the Tulsa massacre.

  3. Sonaai Oscar says:

    I did not realize that the introduction needed to be said, and hearing it before the speech gave more impact to the message. The delivery was slow and pronounced. I am not a fan of slow storytelling because I’m a fast talker but listening to this helped me realize just how crucial slow storytelling is. There was an emphasis on some parts, which added meaning and interest to the story. I can tell that much practice took place before the final recording. The end was read with great emphasis. You slowed down and emphasized while enunciating the last few words because they tell a story and reveal the author’s feelings.

  4. Deshana says:

    This was a great presentation. You most definitely have the voice for public speaking. You took your time and pronounced your words correctly. Even the tone of delivery was great, it really kept me listening. Amazing job La’monee’.

  5. Great presentation. Your voice and pronunciation were clear and easy to understand. I appreciate that you took the time to pronounce each word correctly. Your tone also enhanced the effectiveness of your message and made it easier to connect to the story.

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