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Black Social Media Conveys Alertness on Shanquella Robinson Case

By Keanu Jacobs

(STJ-November 2022) The power of black social media elevated and brought justice to Shanquella’s story. Social media users who used #SayHerName brought awareness to violence against Shanquella Robinson and her tragic loss on all media platforms.

According to an NBC News reporter, Robinson’s mother, Salamandra, is thanking Black users on Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook for seeking justice for Robinson’s death in Mexico.

Salamondra Robinson said she “doesn’t believe Robinson’s death would have gotten so much attention from authorities and media outlets if it weren’t for Black social media users highlighting the case.” She’s been “sick to my stomach” about her daughter’s death, Salamondra told NBC News.

Salamonda Robinson (left) and Shanquella Robinson (right) via FaceBook 

The mother hopes she can get more answers about what happened to her daughter, whom she described as having “a heart of gold.”

Robinson’s parents, Salamondra and Bernard, received a devastating phone call from their daughter’s friend the following day letting them know she had passed away.

Shanquella Robinson died vacationing in the resort city of Jose del Cabo on the Southern tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula with six friends on Oct. 28, 2022.

Robinson’s family said Shanquella was dead less than 24 hours with friends claiming she had alcohol poisoning and was found unconscious in the living room.

Her death was reported by local news outlets in North Carolina, Black-centered blog websites, and Black social media users. 

“Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories,” Salamondra said.

“Each one of the people that was there with her was telling different stories,” Salamondra said.

An ongoing investigation into her death found her friends lied about her cause of death. Daejanae Jackson is being accused on social media for assaulting Shanquella.

Social media user’s posts about Robinson’s death went viral on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. 

Hip-hop blogger Amina Kane shared a photo of her and tweeted, “Rest in Power Shanquella Robinson,” on Nov. 9. Her message quickly went viral on Twitter, with more than 17,000 retweets. Kane’s message later went viral on TikTok with users sharing her tweet in their videos, bringing more attention to Robinson’s death. 

Social media users have also used the #SayHerName hashtag when amplifying Robinson’s story.

Salamondra Robinson stated, “This may not have happened if it weren’t for the power of black social media to bring much attention and uncover justice for her family.”

“I am heartbroken and can’t even be a granddaddy or walk her down the aisle.” – Bernard Robinson

Bernard Robinson, her father, stated live on TikTok, “Shanquella is my whole in my heart, that was my only child, I am heartbroken and can’t even be a granddaddy or walk her down the aisle. I’m just angry, hurt, and sad.”

However, weeks later, a viral video taped at the villa in San Jose del Cabo showed Shanquella being physically attacked in a room by another woman.

In the video, you can hear a man’s American accent who did not intervene in the beating, but was saying, “Can you at least fight back?”

Shanquella was brutally attacked by an individual and did not defend herself.

“They left her their man; they left her in that house. They left her there for the maid to find her. Don’t you know how much pain my daughter suffered? The injuries, you know, that she took, you know, she’s a small little something, small little frame, man,” her father said.

Photo via Shanquella Robinson’s family’s GoFundMe page

Shanquella’s death certificate revealed her cause of death was a severe spinal cord and neck injury. Alcohol is not mentioned on the death certificate.

News outlets could not reach any of Shanquella’s friends as they disconnected their numbers and themselves from this tragic situation. They also did not give any response to media outlets. 

The family has received support on social media and a ‘GoFund

Me’ page has raised over $400,000 to cover the costs of legal fees and critical expenses.

NBA baller Kyrie Irving donated $65,000 to the ‘GoFundMe’ page to financially support the family of Shanquella Robinson in their fight for justice.

The FBI Charlotte Field Office has opened an investigation into Shanquella Robinson’s death.

A warrant was issued for Shanquella Robinson’s friend on Wednesday as the family demands answers and closure for Shanquella Robinson’s tragic incident.

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  1. cheryl thomas says:

    This makes me so sad, as I have 2 beautiful and talented daughters. Pure jealousy by fake friends caused the death of this young lady. Shanquella was envied and they just wanted her out of the picture. I pray that justice is found and that all of those other girls in the room would serve time since none of them stood up for her. The male with the american voice is as bad as the culprit who attacked her. He stood there and said only that she should fight back instead of stopping the attack. What a shame! May her soul rest in peace and that her mom and dad would be comforted until they meet with justice for her life.

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