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Fashion statement: “Big Red/Yellow Boots”

by Shugga Rosenbloom

The ‘big yellow boot’ and the ‘big red boot’ were created by MSCHF, a Brooklyn-based art collective known for making viral and controversial products that often spark public debate and generate media attention.

MSCHF is often branded for miscellaneous mischief, and its motto is “The best ideas are the worst ideas.”

Lil’ Wayne sports the new look. (file)

The boots are inspired by the cartoonish and exaggerated style of video games and anime characters, such as Mario from Super Mario and Astro Boy. They are made of TPU rubber and EVA foam, which are durable and lightweight materials.

They are designed to be statement pieces that challenge the boundaries of fashion and art, as well as to create a sense of fun and whimsy. The big yellow boot is also a collaboration with Crocs, a footwear brand known for its foam clogs.

The boot features Crocs’ signature holes and strap, and can also be detached into a regular clog.

Boots have been worn by celebrities and influencers such as Paris Hilton, Diplo, Janelle Monae, Victoria Beckham, Lil Wayne, and Iggy Azalea.

They have also been spotted on the streets of New York and Paris during fashion week.

Some people like their oversized and unique design, while others hate how impractical and ridiculous they are. They have also been compared to cheese, SpongeBob SquarePants, Big Bird, and banana peels.

Critics are divided over the boots as well. Some praise them for being innovative and playful, while others criticize them for being gimmicky and wasteful. Some see them as a commentary on capitalism and consumerism, while others see them as a product of the attention economy. Some call them art, while others call them a joke.⁶⁷⁸

File this and other photographs.

The boots cost $350 for the big red boot and $450 for the big yellow boot. They are available on MSCHF’s website and app, but they are limited in quantity and sell out quickly. They also have a high resale value on platforms like StockX.

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  1. Will Steger says:

    The times today are changing as they do in any era. Some things make a comeback and in this instance I think the bigger clothes are starting to become popular again amongst people. All in all this was a great story I enjoyed the reading .

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