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by Kendrekus Jackson 

Calling the shots, on the court and off, Asia Vetter is definitely UVI’s BOSS

It’s more than what meets the eye with University of the Virgin Islands 2019 graduate and newest assistant women’s basketball coach, Asia Vetter. I have seen a lot and experienced much in life, so I am a pretty good judge of character.

Tasked with presenting a news story for  UVI Voice 2.0, my inner and external sight agree: Vetter is a UVI “BOSS.”

After observing her actions and engaging in conversation it is apparent that this young woman is most definitely doing whatever she needs to do to become a self-made entrepreneur or something close to it. The coaching job along with other tasks are guiding her on the highway to success.  

Vetter. UVI Women’s Basketball Team member 2019- file photo.

Vetter is a 24-year-old grad assistant coach for UVI women’s basketball team. Also, she played for the university for the past 2 years, before graduating in Spring 2019. While doing that she was able to earn her bachelor’s degree in communication.

Asia has deep ties to the USVI. Her mother, Sandra, lived in the territory for 10 years and was Mrs. USVI in 1990.  Following the birth of Asia’s older brother Micah, the young mom moved to Houston, Texas where she met Asia’s dad Jon Paul.

They married and had two more children, Asia and her brother Jon Paul, Jr.

After completing her senior year at UVI, Asia was offered an opportunity to remain in the Caribbean. Still connected to the university through school and basketball, the situation is different.

Now, instead of being a member of the Women’s Buccaneer Basketball team, she is the coach.

Vetter traded in her 3.8 undergraduate g.p.a. and enrolled in the graduate degree program in the School of Business. She is currently taking classes to earn a MBA from the university.

The opportunity was a tough one to pass up. 

photo credit: M’Kayla Sullivan

Vetter says that her motivation stems from a deep-seated “hunger” to succeed. She works long hours, starting before dawn and gets to bed around midnight. Her days are packed and her obligations have her “stretched out in many ways.” 

According to her list of activities, she trains with the team, meets with her coaching staff, attends classes, runs a fast-paced exercise class and works as a beauty/makeup consultant for MAC products. 

As a certified instructor for Zumba classes at the university, she established Sweet Fit VI. In addition to all of that Vetter likes art. “I like to paint, draw, or do anything that [visually] inspires others,” she says.

photo credit: Keryl Liburd

Vetter is also a seriously proud member of the Greek organization, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, STT Chapter.

When people ask about her hectic schedule, Vetter jokingly says,  “I’ll rest when I’m dead.

Her sentiment, paraphrases the popular Bon Jovi  lyrics, “Gonna live while I’m alive, I’ll sleep when I’m dead.”

This mentality, speaks volumes about her work ethics. The determination, to fulfill big dreams and make her goals a reality, someday, is evident.

Men, take notice: Asia Vetter makes ways and not excuses.

Men, take notice: Asia Vetter makes ways and not excuses.

An interesting fact about Vetter is that she’s a first-generation college graduate. Although her parents both attended college, she is the first in her immediate family to fulfill the dream of advanced education. She is making a history of her own for the family’s sake.

Now, Asia’s hustle and dedication are unmatchable. In comparison, there are some young men her age, or older [atheletes as well], who wouldn’t attempt to accomplish things she does, to meet goals or milestones. 

Calling herself  “a busy body that can’t slow down,” Vetter has plans to be remembered for something good. She offers a helpful tip, to us men here in the college battle, and advises, “not to procrastinate, it profits you nothing.”

Right now, Asia feels like her life is under construction here in the Caribbean and there is nothing back home [stateside] for her. ‘Giving back’ to the islands is one of her highest goals to accomplish. Recently, she helped the Women’s Basketball team organize a ‘back to school’ drive for kids in the STT public schools who were in need of basic supplies to begin the school year.   

photo credit: Keryl Liburd

Permanently moving to the Virgin Islands was a conscious decision and she wants to “seize the incredible opportunities” that exist in the territory. Beating the odds of a 26% Female Six Year Graduation rate at UVI is outstanding. Working to finishing the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program with a cohort of 100% graduation rate is phenomenal.

I strongly agree with UVI’s BOSS, Asia Vetter, that we will hear about something big she will be doing, soon. Calling life’s important shots! 


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