Friendly Caribbean Competition

reported by Lana Cuffy

Is There Competition with The New Pier in St. Kitts?

Charlotte Amalie—The Caribbean is the fastest growing cruise destinations sector in the world, and St. Kitts has added a major new cruise pier.  It is now a perfect example of a competitor for St. Thomas, in the United States Virgin Islands, when it comes to cruise ship passengers.

With St. Kitts opening another cruise ship pier, this is good news for their tourism.  That means the world’s largest cruise ships can now dock there—three at a time! 

A statement appeared on www.caribjournal.com saying, “The pier was funded in part by revenue from the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, according to CS Global.”   

Basseterre Bay, Basseterre, Saint Kitts and Nevis. (photo credit: Marinos.com)

With many huge ships docking at a time, more revenues will be generated from cruise ship passengers on the island of St. Kitts. St. Kitts has debuted its new $48 million cruise pier at Port Zante in Basseterre.

This new pier stirs up tourism competition for other islands, and it has been a topic of concern for the U.S. Virgin Islands. 

According to www.stthomassource.com, “St. Thomas/St. John Chamber of Commerce President Sebastiano Paiewonsky-Cassinelli advocated strongly for the looming dredging projects to allow for larger ship classes to dock in St. Thomas.”

St. Thomas was one of the first ports to accept ships of the Oasis-class

Furthermore, in 2009, St. Thomas was one of the first ports to accept ships of the Oasis-class; no other island in the Caribbean had ports that could accommodate at the time.  

Pier, STT photo credit: https://visitstthomas.com/

Nonetheless, a major new cruise ship pier is a major milestone for St. Kitts.

There are over 40 varieties of mangoes on this Caribbean island of St. Kitts. photo credit: Metro.co.uk

St. Kitts and Nevis are breathtaking, twin islands in the southern Caribbean for travelers looking for a mix of resort relaxation and picturesque landscapes with a worthwhile history and amazing adventures.  

St. Thomas, in the United States Virgin Islands, has been the number one spot in spending in the Caribbean.  The USVI is a paradise with so much more to offer than the traditional beach vacation.

…[tourists come] to the Caribbean to witness gems of the world. 

Whether travelers choose St. Thomas, St. Kitts, or any other island, they are coming to the Caribbean to witness gems of the world. 

Pier, Fredriksted. (photo credit stxtourism.com)

Each trip would be an incredible opportunity to shop, dine, and experience much of the local culture that each island has to offer. 


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