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Snoopdog Maintains his “Rep”

(STX, September 28, 2023). The iconic hip-hop rapper, Snoop Dog added another entity to his list of product endorsements and maintains his reputation as a commercial staple. Grubhub launched its video campaign with Snoop singing a snappy jingle, “Did somebody say.”

Grubhub launched its video campaign with Snoop singing a snappy jingle, “Did somebody say.”

Snoop Dog. credit GrubHub

With a reported net worth of $160 million Snoop Dogg’s collective wealth comes from a variety of sources, which include his music, acting, business ventures, and of course, endorsements.

The celebrity earns an excess of $ 10 million from companies like Burger King, Wonderful Pistachios, Hot Pockets, Airbnb, Beyond Meat, Sodastream and Corona. 

The online tabloid Twisted alleges that Snoop was paid $5 million in a collaboration with the takeaway company.

According to Forbes, previously, Snoop made millions from Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party, revamped in its third season as a cooking competition show, “Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Party Challenge

Snoop joins the current ad campaign with food and beverage delivery service Menulog, which increased use in a wider demographic in  Australia.

Credit: GrubHub

Menulog’s marketing director, Simon Cheng, told a sports marketing forum, “Snoop Dogg is the absolute perfect ambassador for our business… He appeals to young people, Gen Z and also to Boomers.”

With a career extending three decades, Snoop Dogg consistently demonstrates his ability to capitalize on emerging markets.

Snoop dog, GrubHub, did somebody say
Created by McCann/Craft London, directed by Riff Raff- Francois Rousselet

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  1. it’s cool seeing snoop dogg in a Grub Hub commercial. it seems when I watch tv I see him in a least one commercial.

  2. Nate Carroll says:

    I never thought I would see Snoop Dogg in a Grubhub commercial but here we are! Awesome coverage 🙂

  3. Felisha says:

    Snoop Dogg is the kind of character that belongs in any space. Listening to his interview made me realize why they call him “Uncle Snoop.” Relatable and great read.

  4. Will Steger says:

    This shows how flexible snoop dogg has been in his career. He is now more than a rapper he’s learned how to play the game and use his influence in different ways which is being rewarded by grub hub using him
    In recent commercial.

  5. Hunter says:

    Snoop is unironically a great brand image. He makes any brand he works with “cool” and any commercial he’s in catches your attention. Whether it’s for comedic purposes or bringing some swagger, Snoop will always entertain.

  6. Indeyah Todman says:

    Snoop Dog’s collaborations with brands are usually very successful. Snoop Dog is relatable across generations. From Gen Z to Millennials, everyone has at least heard of Snoop Dog and his contribution to the music industry. Any company that gets an endorsement from Snoop Dog is sure to see the benefit financially. The exposure would definitely increase sales and exposure for the brand all over the world. It was a smart move on GrubHub and Snoop Dog’s part to collaborate with one another. The video and song is a fun way to promote the brand and the artist.

  7. S.D. Rosenbloom says:

    Snoop Lion, as he was crowned by Rastas, is a true Hustler. He has learned from the best. Running with Martha Stewart for more than a decade, has brought on good business sense. He knows about branding and how to get paid. I’m laughing out loud, because I have spotted his Billboards in France and grocery stores displays promoting his brand of liquor. This article was very good. Thank you.

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