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(STX/STT, October 5, 2023)

Listen to viewpoints from our podcast influencers.

Episode #1 led by Siddiq McNair, features Jadah Jarvis, Nico Thomas, Calyse Garvey, Hunter Simpson, and Cheryl Hendricks Thomas

In early September, Houston Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. allegedly assaulted his girlfriend, former WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick, and was arrested at a Midtown hotel in Manhattan. Why hasn’t this story been in mainstream news? What punishment from the NBA should this basketball ‘star’ face? Have the penalities been harsh enough? 



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  1. enjoyed participating on this topic. it was interesting and great content.

  2. Nate Carroll says:

    Thank you for sharing this! Something like this is never okay, celebrity or not. Great podcast!

  3. Sydney T. says:

    This whole situation is unfortunate, I hope all the injured parties recover fully.

  4. Felisha says:

    Such a talented youth. Unfortunate but hopefully a learning experience and an opportunity to change! Can always turn around though. I always want to see us win in the end.

  5. Jadah says:

    Great work on this podcast with my fellow classmates! I will say this topic was very interesting to discuss and I hope we get more thought-provoking topics like this in the future.

  6. Great work on the podcast. Regardless of someone’s celebrity status, allegations of assault should always be taken seriously. It’s essential that justice is served, and that includes a thorough investigation and appropriate consequences for the accused.

  7. Cheryl Thomas says:

    Something triumphant must come out from this. We all make mistakes, but must remember to not repeat them. I hope that this young athlete gets the help that he don’t think he needs. All of my classmates input very well and I especially thank Dr Sharon Honore for making this possible with such enlightening potential that she sees on her students. Great podcast!

  8. Jahmoi says:

    I wonder how Kevin Porter’s childhood was for him to assault his. Everything you experience at a young age is brought with you.

  9. Will Steger says:

    Very interesting viewpoints on the situation great content and great responses from Ms Cherrly And Hunter !

  10. Toi Matthews says:

    Really nice effort. I wasn’t aware of this story and appreciate the background information provided by the influencers. Keep up the good work!

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