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PODCAST #COM110 -VIEWPOINTS Episode 2 #ENOUGH wasn’t enough?

(STT/STX, Oct 8, 2023).

Listen to viewpoints from our podcast influencers: 

Episode #2 ENOUGH wasn’t enough? led by Calyse Garvey

features Jadah Jarvis, Nico Thomas, Cheryl Hendricks Thomas and Siddiq McNair

Discussion about tweet posted online by Kalabrya Haskins to Houston Rockets player, Kevin Porter, Jr. Porter in early Sept. Porter allegedly physically assaulted Haskin’s sister, WNBA player Kysre Gondrezick’s sister in a mid-town Manhattan hotel, and was arrested. Kysre reportedly suffered facial lacerations and a neck injury. In defense of her sister and response to the attack, Kalabrya sent a threatening post to Porter. Haskins — widow of Dwayne Haskins, the 24-year-old quarterback who died last year when he was struck and killed on a Florida highway — shared the message in a since-expired post on her Instagram page

Kyrse Gondrezick and Kalabrya Gondrezick- Haskins. Instagram post

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  1. Nate Carroll says:

    I’m SO glad the sister stuck up for her! Once again great reporting and great podcast guys!

  2. Sydney T. says:

    I can understand how this incident could have heightened emotions. Hopefully it didn’t cause any irreparable damage to be done.

  3. Keep up the good work with the podcast. Let’s hope that this case is handled with the utmost care, fairness, and justice for all parties.

  4. Felisha says:

    Tough and heartbreaking all around. Reactions fueled by anger ALWAYS lead to disaster.

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