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SPEAKOUT: What is the most important advice you would offer a student who wants to attend UVI?

by Kyra Edwards and Jadah Javis, Felisha Felix contributing writers

(STT/STX, September 17, 2023)





“One advice I would give to people who thinking about attending UVI is to try to stay ahead of your homework or class work; because when you try to post assignments last minute, it’ll really be a rush. Sometimes you don’t get to proofread or edit your work like how you want; because you’re late or behind. So, it’s easier to stay in front (assignments) and do extra work; so then you can get more time to relax, study if you need to or live your life.” Keyon B.
“My advice would be to come to UVI for good networking and meet new people.” JOHMARI FLEMMING. photo: Jada Jarvis
Be open to new beginnings and different cultures. And be open to different concepts that you may have never known before.” ANGELINE ESPIRIT. photo: Jada Jarvis
“The most important advice I would offer to a student who attends UVI would be: to always manage their time right, really focus on their goals, always prioritize and have a healthy balance between social life and student life.” Abir A.
My advice would be just going with the flow; understand you are going to fail sometimes. Just get back up and try harder.” DE’SHANNA RICHARDSON. photo: Jada Jarvis
Prioritize your work. UVI can get hard. Yes, we all want to have fun and be outside but definitely prioritize your work above everything else.” DANTE WALKER, Psychology,  AAS.  photo credit: Kyra Edwa
If you want to enjoy campus life, I would say get a job on campus and not off campus cause then you will be as tired as me! ISABEL C., Nursing, AAS. photo: K. Edwards

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  1. this is good advice for students. i would also suggest having good time management skills.

  2. S.D. Rosenbloom says:

    Kyra, I enjoyed reading your article! I would advise students to do their homework about their department. Make sure programs are still being offered as describe in the catalog. Prepare yourself for cultural change is a must for survival.

  3. IT’S MY PICTURES LMAO. Love to see it <3

  4. As an international exchange student I definitely also agree with this advice shared by other students. I find that the best way to be able to live in a foreign country while studying is to remember the importance of being social. Jarvis puts it well: Be open!

  5. When reading some of the advice I found myself agreeing heavily. I hope when potential students apply to UVI they find this page and use it as a guide.

  6. Angelique says:

    This was really great advice great job to the writers on gathering this information!

    1. Indeyah Todman says:

      It is great that UVI students were given the platform to share their thoughts and advice. I agree with everyone’s advice. Time management is one of the most important in my opinion. You may need to manage class times and school deadlines while making sure you get to the cafeteria in the time windows that are open and making time for fun and friends. It may feel like there is so much you can do in a day, and time can get away from you. DeShanna Richardson said it well. Sometimes you are going to fail. But it does not mean you have to stay down. There’s always time to get back up, and try again.

  7. Derrick says:

    These UVI students present very valid advice.

  8. As a junior at UVI, I can’t help but nod in agreement with the advice shared by my fellow students. Managing assignments and staying ahead has truly helped me navigate the academic challenges. Networking has opened up exciting opportunities, and embracing different cultures has enriched my college experience. Time management is an ongoing lesson, and resilience is a must when things get tough. Prioritizing work is key, and on-campus jobs offer a great way to balance academics and campus life. These tips are like a roadmap for success at UVI!

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