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SPEAKOUT: Most interesting/fun activity during the first two weeks at UVI in fall 2023?

by Sarah Larsen, Jahmoi Benjamin, Felisha Felix, contributing writers

“So far, the best activity was the PARTY @MEGAN’S BAY which UVI hosted. The food was really good, and so were the drinks. I got to meet new friends and people. That kinda helped me come out of my shell a little more. The beach was beautiful. People were pulling the rope and lots of dancing. It was just a great time.” NAKYE-photo credit: S. Larsen


The most interesting & fun thing we did was the FULL MOON PARTY because it was so much fun. There were so many people, so many different kinds of people, so we got to meet a lot of people. There was a lot of different kinda music, and there were so many funny things happening. I’ve never experienced a party like this before.”… There were teachers who work at the university. I’ve never tried going to the same party as my professors.” BRIELLE. photo credit: S. Larsen
 “Since I love food, my most fun activity would be the KARAOKE LUNCH event.” KAJANI REYNOLD-photo by J. Benjamin
 “The most interesting activities I experienced on UVI were the UNO Tournament, BACK-TO-SCHOOL JAM, and RESOURCE FAIR!” NADEGE BARBER. photo credit-J. Benjamin
“And the most interesting, fun activity offered during the first two weeks. I would say it would be (since I live in the dorms) we have activities such as GOIING OUT TO THE BEACH or having fun, shenanigans, PLAYING VOLLEYBALL and such. And we also offer STUDY TIME during the conference room, so, yeah.” 😊 ABIR A. personal photo

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  1. Indeyah Todman says:

    These events sound like they were lots of fun! I have heard about the UNO Tournament a lot. I am actually a big fan of the game and love to play it. I would love to join the UNO tournament the next time they host one. The Karaoke Lunch event also sounds like a good time, since I love food too. Karaoke is also just fun, especially when you do it with your friends or family. It does not matter if you can sing or not, you are just encouraged to sing your heart out! I applaud UVI on creating events that are engaging and enjoyable to participate in.

  2. S.D. Rosenbloom says:

    When I arrived at UVI, my first two weeks were interesting. However, I wouldn’t trade it for nothing in the world. The Safari was…well, let’s’ just say I learned more about the island in the first two weeks, than I expected as a solo adventurer. My first two weeks I was already working on campus. I prepared as if I was going to a corporate job, I sent my resume in before I arrived, and was hired in Orientation.

  3. I missed out on most of these events during the first two weeks at UVI, and I am definitely regretting it after hearing about how much fun everyone had. Although I didn’t attend the Karaoke lunch event, UNO Tournament, or Back-To-School Jam, it seems like they added a lot of excitement to the start of the semester.

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