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Felisha Felix, reporter/photographer

(STX, September 20, 2023).UVI showed out to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with “Passion and Pride” with the theme positive logo: “Driving Prosperity, Power, and Progress in America.”

UVI Buccaneers were honored with a Happy Hour Social Wednesday morning at the Albert A. Sheen Campus. Vendors such as Love Croix Helados brought amaretto ice cream and Annies Café delivered a full Latin-infused lunch spread.

There were cultural drinks and dishes such as flan, coquito, mojitos, and paella. Giveaway prizes were shared during trivia questions and activities even included a salsa dance lesson/class on the lawn.

Of course, any Latin social cannot go without music! Performances by the Romanza Band and the St. Croix Ballroom & Latin Dancers were in full effect.

Mini sombreros, flags, and positive vibes accompanied this colorful event. Diversity and empowerment were indeed the highlight of the day.

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  1. Calyse Garvey says:

    Its always wonderful to embrace ones culture. this was an amazing post.

  2. I’m sure this was a nice event. sounds like it was some good food and drink options.

  3. Felisha says:

    This was a thoughtful and well-executed event. Diversity and community were well presented at this social. Additionally, the vendors, entertainment, and catering was AMAZING. It was a really great turn out.

  4. Hunter says:

    Amazing celebration of culture!

  5. Indeyah Todman says:

    Wow, this looks like it was a great event! As a person with Hispanic family, it makes me happy that UVI holds this event. I am glad that they had culturally Hispanic dishes and drinks as well. I love coquito very much. My family either makes it or buys it every Christmas season and we drink it leading up to Christmas. The mini sombreros look so cute! I would have loved to attend this event and dance to the music!

  6. S.D. Rosenbloom says:

    It appears to have been a great turnout. Actually, I was surprised to see Heritage month celebrated twice in one year. Well, I’m a believer that a good party is always welcomed! Good article Felicia.

  7. I loved this. Wish that we could have joined from St. Thomas. Such a good way to celebrate.

  8. Angelique says:

    I absolutely love that the university chose to celebrate latin culture in this way

  9. Anne Andersen says:

    It sounds like such a cool event. What a good way of celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month 🎉😍

  10. What a vibrant and culturally enriching celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month at UVI! From delicious Latin cuisine to energetic salsa dance lessons, this event definitely fostered a sense of unity and pride. I am looking forward to an even bigger and better celebration next academic year! 🎉🌟

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