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Prayer for Peace in the Middle East

by Shugga Rosenbloom

(Cannes, October 17, 2023)

Will there ever be an end to this fight,
Between Israel and Palestine, day and night?
Whose land is it anyway, they say,
Can we be fair and share it, come what may?

The Holy Land, a place of ancient history,
A land of beauty, mystery, and diversity.
But it’s also a place of conflict and strife,
Where people fight for every inch of life.

The question of who owns the land,
Is one that’s hard to understand.
Both sides have deep roots in the soil,
And both have suffered from the other’s toil.

But perhaps there’s a way to find peace,
To make the fighting and the pain cease.
To find a way to share the land,
And build a future that’s truly grand.

It won’t be easy, this we know,
But we must find a way to make it so.
To work towards a brighter tomorrow,
And put an end to all this sorrow.

So let us pray for peace in Jerusalem,
And work towards a world without mayhem.
May we find a way to live in harmony,
And put an end to all this misery.

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