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The Biden Administration’s Plan for Student Loan Forgiveness

by Michael Bell

(STX-February 1, 2023) Students are offered loans to pay for their post-education education by the federal state.

The Biden administration came up with a proposal for loan forgiveness, either partial or full, depending on some eligibility criteria set up and the loan type taken. The announcement was made in August 2022.

President Joe Biden via Getty Images

The loan forgiveness plan is segmented into three parts: the final extension to provide a pause in the loan repayment, debt relief to Pell Grant recipients with a low income of about $125,000, and making the payment plans more manageable.

Individuals will be able to get a $10,000 cancellation if their earnings are under $125,000, as well as for married people who file taxes jointly and have an income of under $250,000.

Making manageable payment plans, an extension of the pause of loan repayments, and offsetting partial or full debts are some of the plans that the Biden administration had proposed to relieve millions of Americans burdened by the loans.

An order blocking the loans forgiveness plan was issued by the courts, with the supreme court hearing arguments in February this year.

There are high hopes among the beneficiaries of the student loans and the Biden administration that the court will rule in favor of the student loans forgiveness plan.

The court ruling is likely to come out in May or June.

Student loan borrowers gathered at the Supreme Court to tell the court that student loan forgiveness is legal. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

The Supreme court ruling, which is set to be released in May or June, is highly anticipated amidst a lot of tension on the weight of the ruling.

Is there a plan B should the forgiveness plan be ruled against seeing that many youths would have benefitted from this?

With over twenty-six million Americans applying for student loan forgiveness, what impact will the overruling have?

Some of the things giving room for shaky ground on the matter include the questioning of authority to cancel the debts by the administration, confidence in being in line with the stipulations of the law, and fairness.

Amidst shaky ground surrounding the proposal and having over twenty-six million Americans applying for the relief, the administration is yet to provide a Plan B or a second option should the ruling not be in their favor.

There is confidence that the rule was abided by and that all the procedures were followed in accordance with the law.

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